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5 Reasons To Buy A Rollator Walker

Whether you are looking for a full time mobility support device or you just need help in recovery from surgery or an injury, Rollator walkers are available in several models that are designed and developed to help with getting around. These walkers have proven track records in helping adults, seniors and even children get around due to temporary or permanent mobility problems. Rollators are designed slightly different, but all combine outstanding construction, safety features and additional accessories that make them comfortable and easy to use.


One of the most important features of Rollator walkers is that it has been designed to be ultra-lightweight while still supporting adult weights. Typically most of the three wheeled options have a weight of less than 15 pounds, with some models weighing in at a light 8.5 pounds. These lightweight Rollator walkers can support an adult weight of up to 270 pounds, all while remaining easy to maneuver, compact and very easy to maintain.


Four wheeled rollator walkers mimic their three wheeled predecessors also including a  lightweight yet durable frame. These types of walkers also feature different colors and options on the frame including various types of flip up seats, seat back rests, baskets and carrying devices. Four wheeled Rollator walker models are perfect for individuals that need a bit more security and assistance in getting around, while still remaining highly mobile and easy to maneuver.


Adding a warranty to your purchase will add to your peace of mind that any possible issues with the walker will be addressed by the warranty. In some cases the frame has a lifetime warranty while the brakes and other components may have limited warranties. Warranty packages are an important option to consider when making a purchase.


Another important consideration in buying a walker is that they are designed to be practical as well as durable. Many of the three and four wheel options offer folding features, some with a removable basket and others with a folding basket option. This means they are easy to transport in a standard passenger vehicle or even take on various types of public transportation.  It also means that Rollator walkers take up less space to store when not in use and can easily be kept beside a bed, chair or couch with minimal space requirements.


Last but not least Rollator walkers come in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring that the individual can find a great looking walker that provides the level of support they need to get around. Safety features such as hand brakes, wheel locks and ergonomically designed hand grips are standard on all models. Since people that are more active tend to recover faster, stay more independent and have greater self-confidence, investing in a walker really is an investment in health and well-being.