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Hospital Lighting

Uptown LED Patient Room Overbed Lighting

Retail Price: $456.00
Your Price: $291.89

This LEDpatient room overbed lighting fixture features a faux metal finish ...

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LED Traditional Crowned Hospital Overbed Light

Item# NE03L00044BDHAFX
Retail Price: $415.99
Your Price: $364.89

Classic crown profile overbed fixture made of real wood in ivory finish wit ...

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LED 4ft Long Wall Mounted Patient Room Light w/ Controller

Item# 00L67741DWAL
Retail Price: $1,711.39
Your Price: $1,075.89

This 4ftlong patient room light offers an aesthetic design that supersedes ...

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When it comes to hospital lighting for your facility, there should be no compromise in the quality, versatility, cost, and energy efficiency when considering options for your hospital lighting systems.  There are so many variables in hospital lighting to choose from, wouldn’t it be convenient to shop and compare the different options in one place?  It was with that question in mind that we developed our on-line catalogue.  From lights for examination rooms, surgical suites, to doctors’ offices, we carry the highest quality, state-of-the-art hospital lights.  If you’re searching for the best exam lights, surgical lights, magnifier lights, flex lights, and procedure lights the industry has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.  Our inventory of hospital lighting and accessories includes the finest fluorescent lights, UV lights, halogen lights, and incandescent lights available in the market.  Whatever your specific requirements may be for hospital lights or your hospital lighting systems, look no further than Medical Supplies and Equipment Company.


If your hospital lighting needs demand the finest quality exam lights, utility lights, magnifier lights, and procedure lights the healthcare profession has to offer, our inventory will meet your specifications.  The 35 watt halogen Gleamer comes with a wide swing radius, an extensive reach, superior flexibility, and rugged durability.  The new SuperNova delivers the intensity, coolness, performance, and aesthetic appeal unmatched in the profession.  Ideal for exams, suturing, or any procedure requiring intense light, easy positioning, and exceptional reliability, the Super Bright Spot is unsurpassed.  The Wave Plus Fluorescent Magnifier was designed with a large rectangular magnifier for optimum viewing, featuring superior form and shadow-free magnification.  Though its modern design commands attention, the real value of the new Epic Magnifier is coupled with its superior optics, precise maneuverability, and unmatched performance.  Exceptional for use in emergency rooms and clinics, Ultraviolet (Woods) Lights are the finest in the industry.  We also feature the finest X-Ray Viewers in the profession.


For your specifications in surgical lights, we carry the best hospital lighting systems on the market.  The CoolSpot features a variable spot that stays cool during operation and is unmatched for extremely white, pure light output.  If you need the intensity specifications of a surgical light but have limited space and/or a limited budget, the CoolSpot II is the best choice.  Exhibiting extremely bright but cool, shadow-free light, the Outpatient Plus is the primary choice of surgeons demanding nothing but the most versatile light for procedures.  The Outpatient II offers superior focus, intense light in a flood-type pattern, and a guaranteed no-drift arm, ranking it as the primary light for minor surgeries and surgical exams.  The Burton Reflector provides superior durability and stability, supporting maximum safety in the operating room.  If you demand excellent performance from an O.R. light, the Genesis Plus is the right surgical light at the right price.  For a high quality no drift arm system with maximum illumination, there is no better value than the Genie II or Genie Plus.  The Visionary is the new choice in O.R. lighting for compact size, patented optics, superb focus ability, outstanding movement, and value.  The sophisticated design of the new XenaLux Headlamp assures unmatched performance as well as exceptional reliability and value unparalleled in the market.


Our inventory of hospital lighting was also designed with your office in mind.  We carry chrome Gooseneck Lamps unmatched for ambient light output and professional design.  The Full Spectrum Mobile Lamp features a durable, height adjustable chrome rod with a 12” long flexible arm.  For a low cost, high quality light with special aesthetic appeal for your office or exam area, the Pearl Light is the premium choice.

LED Sleek Contemporary Overbed Light

Item# NE03L0014XX4BLPAFX
Retail Price: $465.11
Your Price: $380.89

This smooth rolled edge contemporary designed with a 4 way pull switch45W L ...

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Designer Overbed Hospital Light w/ Accent Trim

Retail Price: $284.75
Your Price: $214.89

This overbed light provides both ambient and task light with a four way pul ...

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Designer Hospital Overbed Light

Retail Price: $338.12
Your Price: $276.89

This overbed light provides both ambient and task lighting with a 4-positio ...

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