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Massage Tables for Therapy of Your Body & Mind

Stronglite Classic Package

Item# 501LTSMM
Retail Price: $876.05
Your Price: $728.41

Comfortable lightweight massage table.

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Portable, Universal Hanging Armrest

Retail Price: $95.06
Your Price: $82.87

This portable armrest provides excellent shoulder support.

in stock Unit: single
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Pneumatic Rolling Massage Stool w/ Back

Retail Price: $193.70
Your Price: $151.24

This deluxe rolling stool provides excellent back support.

in stock Unit: single
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MSEC keeps the wide range of massage and physical therapy specializations foremost in mind when selecting only the best massage therapy tables for its many clients.  For practices ranging from sports physical therapy, deep tissue work, Rolfing and chiropractic treatment, MSEC has tables for massage therapy needs across the specialty board.  Choose from a number of manufacturing materials that combine durability with patient comfort, and benefit from the added value of competitive pricing at 20-30% off standard retail markup.  Most of our massage therapy tables also include manufacturer warranties ranging from 1-year to the full life of the product, and a hard-to-find table for massage therapy is no problem for our staff to locate via special order. 


For the ultimate tilt in headpiece adjustment, invest today in an Apex Lift Massage Therapy Table.  This sheik piece of equipment measures 23”W x 73” L and offers a height adjustment range of 20”-29.”  The Apex Lift combines modern design, seamless upholstery, and padded stationary armrests to offer maximum comfort and functionality.  For added value, you can count on years of service backed up by a limited lifetime warranty.  That’s only the beginning of what MSEC offers in massage therapy tables. 


For chiropractors, sports massage, and deep tissue therapists, MSEC carries the Stronglite Premier Massage Table for therapy.  The Quik Lok height adjustment system allows you to put your patient in just the right position to deliver maximum results.  The Stronglite Premier is also one of our toughest tables; featuring 4000 lbs static weight capacity that makes it as rugged as it is flexible.  It weighs only 33 lbs and includes a Leyante table covering, a double-action plus face rest, arm supports, 3” of deluxe foam, and a 6” bolster.  


If you need a table for massage therapy that combines squeak proofing and a reliable cradle locking system, then look no further than the Avalon.  Lightweight, yet strong enough to easily support 2,700 lbs, you can count on its sturdy design to offer you superior engineering for many years to come.  Featuring a variety of adjustable height and width options, it accommodates a wide range of patient positions for optimum results. 


For a simple, sturdy design that offers efficiency and aesthetic appeal, try our Claremont Massage Therapy Table.  Equipped with an undertable cabinet, a tilting back, and headrest outlets at both ends, this Maple Wood table offers optional widths in 28”, 30”, and 32” with a fixed length of 73”.  For added convenience, it fits easily into supply storage with a handy hardwood shelf.  


For a variety of options in body elevation and support combined with ergonomics and lightweight design, choose from one of several Ergo massage therapy tables in our online inventory.  We carry both the Ergo Bench and the Ergo Basic; along with Ergo-Pro massage chairs as well!  Finally, for a massage therapy table that serves equally well as an exam table and a physical therapy massage table, you simply cannot go wrong with our top-of-the-line Everest.  Featuring a 25” adjustable height range, an optional tilt, and a 400 lbs lifting capacity, it delivers maximum comfort without compromising firm support through its special layer of 3” high-density foam. 


This is only a small sampling of the many options MSEC offers the massage and physical therapist.  To see all of our tables for massage and physical therapy click here, and remember to call us at 1-877-706-4480 should you ever need to special order a model we have yet to add to our ever-growing inventory.

Bolster Armrests for Massage Tables

Retail Price: $107.89
Your Price: $76.01

This optional bolsterarmrests for massage tables ismade with environmentall ...

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Deluxe Chiropractic Adjustment Table

Item# AC-9991GAL
Retail Price: $1,451.16
Your Price: $1,285.89

The deluxe chiropractic adjustment table features a pelvic drop.

in stock Unit: single
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Infinity Portable Massage Table

Item# Infinity Table-ETL
Retail Price: $550.80
Your Price: $506.49

This 73 inchlongMassage Tablehas sleek, stylish, elegant curves and a cushi ...

in stock Unit: single
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