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4 Drawer Slim Mini Steel Treatment Cart Treatment Slim Carts - 3 & 4 Drawers 4 Drawer Slim Tall Steel Treatment Cart
4 Drawer Slim Tall Lightweight Aluminum Treatment Cart
4 Drawer Slim Tall Lightweight Aluminum Treatment Cart
4 Drawer Slim Tall Lightweight Aluminum Treatment Cart Dual Pull-out Shelves Protective Bumper Drawer Divider System Locking Caster Antimicrobial Qualities Lock System Mounting Panel Dual Push Ergonomic Handles
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4 Drawer Slim Tall Lightweight Aluminum Treatment Cart

Item# T-9963-AKGTJWLH

This 4 drawer slim tall lightweight aluminum treatment cart offers easier maneuverability and safety when time is of the essence. Lightweight aluminum construction is 30% lighter than standard steel carts.


  • Customizable drawer divider system included in every drawer
  • New dual pull-out shelves provide additional work surface on both sides of the cart
  • Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect portions of the product
  • 4 Vertical aluminum corner mounting tracks to mount accessories without the need of predrilled holes
  • 2 Side mounting panels to assist in placement of accessories
  • Dual push ergonomic handles
  • Exterior color: light gray
  • ABS cutaway plastic top minimizes wrist strain when writing or working on the cart’s surface
  • Ability to configure drawers to fit individual needs at no additional charge
  • Stabilizer Base with high impact, non-marking plastic bumper to add stability and help keep cart from tipping
  • Drawers with ball bearing slides were designed to push in and lock even after the cart has been secured
  • 5in Premium easy roll casters (1) full swivel, (2) swivel w/ brake, (1) swivel w/ tracking

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

Please see above tab for drawer color and lock options.


  • Material: featherweight aluminum
  • Lock type: key
  • Drawer configuration from top bottom: 3in-6in-9in-9in or custom drawer configuration

Cart Dimensions:

  • Height: 42in
  • Width: 23in
  • Depth: 24.5in

Please see Accessories Tab for additional options.

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Drawer Color Preview
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