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Bariatric Mattress
Bariatric Mattress
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Bariatric Mattress

Item# F715TTUF

The bariatric mattress is designed for the larger patients. Heavy duty, high density foam combined with fluid resistant cover make this bariatric very reliable.


  • High quality dense foam for firm support
  • Water resistant vinyl cover
  • Comfortable firmness throughout
  • Durable construction designed for long term use
  • Compress pack for easy delivery and minimum storage space
  • Fire retardant product


  • Width:  60 in
  • Length:  80 in
  • Height:  6 in
  • Weight capacity:  1000 lbs
7/23/2009 5:33:25 PM
Question: Is this like a foam mattress topper? And what size would I need for a queen bed.

This is a Bariatric Foam Mattress and is not generally used as nor intended to be a mattress topper.  Since most normal (non-hospital specific) mattresses are anywhere from 6-15" in height, this would raise your bed by an additional 6".

We have gel and air mattress toppers available for use on top of a mattress.

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