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Bariatric Positioning Cushion Bariatric Seat Cushions Bariatric Positioning Cushion
Bariatric Positioning Cushion
Bariatric Positioning Cushion
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Bariatric Positioning Cushion

Item# 30203PGEVR

Our positioning cushion offers superior pressure relief. It is one of the best pressure mapping cushion on the market today.


  • Provides the user with proper positioning
  • Contour shape for maximum comfort
  • Inner twin cell lightweight gel reservoir equalizes patient's weight distribution
  • Outter cover is made of soft elastic vinyl
  • Fluid and bacteria proof
  • Non-slip nylon bottom


  • Weight capacity:  750 lbs
4/8/2010 6:35:18 PM
Question: Help i need a cushion with contouring under the thigh to accommodate extra tissue that my pateint has. Would a cntour cushion be the option?? My patient also slides forward so i need a seat with contouring to help stop that. What do you have in stock or what can you recommend

Based on your description of your patient, Performer Bariatric Positioning Cushion item# 30203PGEVR would be a good choice.  With a 750 pound capacity this cushion is designed to provide comfort and proper posturing for larger individuals.

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