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Purifier (shown with optional accessories)
Purifier (shown with optional accessories)
Commercial Ultraviolet Water Purifier (416 GPM)
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Commercial Ultraviolet Water Purifier (416 GPM)

Item# C052S-UV

This ultraviolet  water unit can purify 416 gallons per min and 25,000 gallons per hour. It utilizes germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.


  • High purity water applications
  • Removable flanged head units disassemble completely and easily in the event that repairs are necessary
  • Quick lamp change exclusive Easy-Off™ retainer cap enables effortless lamp replacement without shut down of water pressure or drainage of tank. 
  • Patented dual action wiper mechanism facilitates periodic cleaning of quartz sleeve without interruption of purifier operation (No disassembly required)
  • Wiper lock wiper mechanism in retracted position
  • Drain plug convenient, in-place drainage of purifier chamber
  • 316 Stainless steel construction chamber, head and clamp are electro polished and passivated stainless steel for an attractive finish and dependable service
  • Sight port plug visible glow provides positive indication of germicidal lamp operation
  • All lamps used in this units are low pressure type which afford the maximum efficiency in producing the required germicidal rays
  • Obvious advantages of high efficiency and low power requirements, there is no possibility of the unit overheating (as is the case with some other lamp types)
  • The need for additional equipment to combat overheating is eliminated

If you wish to see additional information, please click here to see the PDF for this product.

Principle of Operation:

  • The water enters the purifier and flows into the annular space between the quartz sleeve and the chamber wall
  • The wiper segments induce turbulence in the flowing liquid to assure uniform exposure of suspended microorganisms t the lethal ultraviolet rays
  • Translucent sight port provides positives indication of germicidal lamp operation
  • The wiper assembly facilitates periodic cleaning of the quartz sleeve without any disassembly or interruption of purifier operation
  • Water leaving the purifier is instantly ready for use

Please see Accessories Tab for additional options


  • Flow rate: 416 gpm (gallons per min) 
  • Voltage: 120v- 60Hz, 220v- 50/60Hz ,12v DC
  • Inlet/Outlet:  2in NPT
  • Power consumption: 1400 watts
  • Length: 52-1/8in  
  • Width: 21-1/8in
  • Height: 90-3/4in
  • Shipping weight: 670 lbs.

This product is also available in:

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Integral Elapsed Time Indicator Integral Elapsed Time Indicator
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This integral elapsed time indicator a real-time, non-resettable display of accumulated operating time.

Safety Sensor Safety Sensor
(sold seperately)

This safety sensor provides constant visual indication of normal operation. In the event of ballast or lamp failure the safety sensor indicates an alarm condition.

Flow Control Valves Flow Control Valves
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This flow control valves limits water flow to rated capacities.

Ultraviolet Monitor Ultraviolet Monitor
(sold seperately)

This ultraviolet monitor indicates the level of germicidal ultraviolet energy that penetrates the quartz sleeve and the water within the disinfection chamber.

Wall Mounting Kit Wall Mounting Kit
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This stainless steel wall mounting kit is ready for quick and easy mounting of water purifier.

Water Filters Water Filters
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This water filter substantially removes cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts, harmful organisms, sediment, silt, turbidity, and more.

Quantum Thermal Optimizer Quantum Thermal Optimizer
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This thermal relief valve used to help regulate the water temperature inside the water
purifier's disinfection chamber.

Elapsed Time Indicator Elapsed Time Indicator
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This is a real-time, non-resettable display of accumulated operating hours.

Solenoid Valves Solenoid Valves
(sold seperately)

These solenoid valves operate in conjunction with safety sensor and prevents flow during detected malfunctions.

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