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Flourescent Wall Mount Magnifier
Flourescent Wall Mount Magnifier
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Flourescent Wall Mount Magnifier

Item# W25MWBUR

The flourescent wall mount magnifier offers shadow free magnification with two light sources that can operate independently.


  • Arm allows complete freedom of movement.
  • Maximum extension of the arm is approximately 36 inches.
  • Quick start switch and ballast to activate flourescent bulbs.


  • (2) 13 Watt bulbs for shadow reduction
  • 3.5 Diopter flourescent magnifier
  • 10,000 Hour bulb life
  • Length:  7.25"
  • Width:  6.5"
  • 230 Volts

Manufacturer warranty:  3 yr warranty

Replacement Bulbs 13 Watt for Fluorescent Magnifiers Replacement Bulbs 13 Watt for Fluorescent Magnifiers
(sold seperately)

These optional bulbs offer more intensity and enhance optical performance for your exams and surgical procedures.

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