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Mobile Examination Light
Mobile Examination Light
Mobile Examination Light Mobile Examination Light
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Mobile Examination Light

Item# 01175751DWAL

Designed to be used universally for exams and procedures in the clinical sector. Seven premium LEDs and unique diamond optic technology offer low energy consumption and glarefree, shadow-free and heat-free high illumination. The sealed construction protects against contamination from outside sources. And the ergonomic handle and intuitive on/off switch allow for precise, reliable positioning and easy handling.


  • Neutral daylight color rendering index of less than 93
  • 34 in reach with flexible arm
  • 280 degree rotation of the light head
  • 4400K color temperature
  • Unique diamond optics and Premium LEDs for professional-grade light quality
  • 7-inch illuminated field with 50,000 lux at .5 meter
  • Various mounting options available for wall, rail or table mounting as well as for
  • use with a rolling floor stand
  • Electronics integrated for maximum safety and energy efficiency
  • Sealed construction for contaminant- and maintenance-free operation
  • Robust arm and friction joints ensure accurate positioning and durability


  • Material steel/plastic
  • Dimensions 39in pole,  27.6in base
  • Weight (net) 16.5 lbs for stud  16mm-W with removal protection with cable suspension device
  • Material steel
  • Floor stand included




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