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30in Wide MRI Compatible Step Stool w/ Handrail MRI Step Stools MRI Safe Non-Magnetic Double Step Stool w/ Handrails
MRI Compatible Double Step Stool
MRI Compatible Double Step Stool
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MRI Compatible Non-Magnetic Double Step Stool

Item# RM3677BKM

Sturdy, MRI-Safe, stainless-steel construction allows these products to be placed in the magnetic-resonance environment. In addition, this non-ferrous material means long life and low maintenance as the products will not warp, chip or rust -- they always look new.





  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Two-step version step stool
  • Provides a 24in x 8in top step welded to a larger base (24in x 16in)
  • Two welded rod-braces below the bottom step provide extra reinforcement
  • An outer frame is welded all around the top and over the rubber tread for protection





  • Dimensions: 16in D x 24in W x 16in H
  • Shipping weight: 26 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: lifetime limited warranty

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