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True Low Air Loss Mattress
True Low Air Loss Mattress
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True Low Air Loss Mattress

Item# 139MTATUF

Our lateral turning low air loss pump and mattress system is the perfect mattress for supporting large patients. The lateral rotation therapy reduces the risk of pulmonary complications for patients who are immobile.
  • Features:
    • Specially designed for supporting large patients
    • Controls pressure, moisture, shear and friction, for prevention and treatment of sore ulcers
    • Use as a replacement of a standard mattress
    • Vapor permeable top cover which is machine washable
    • Buckle down top cover for easy removal
    • Fast filling blower based air controller unit
    • Reliable air controller unit provides hours of trouble free operation


    • Weight capacity:  1000 lbs
    • Cell depth:  11 in inflated
    • Air cell:  20 alternating air cell
    • Air loss:  high volume
    • Top cover:  removable & washable
    • Foam base:  2 in eggshell foam
    • Air tube covering:  yes
    • CPR deflation:  yes
    • CPC connector:  yes
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