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Fingerprint Narcotic Safe: Biometric Technology on Hand

Portable biometric lock box

Portable biometric lock box

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Keeping your Medicine at Your Fingertips


Fingerprint biometric technology is universally used in a wide number of applications. It has recently entered into the realm of security, providing a simple, efficient, and very secure way to keep narcotics safe and controlled. Fingerprint narcotic safe technology incorporates unique fingerprint identification to control access to the contents of the safe without the need for keys, codes or other modes of entry.


One of the biggest advantages that fingerprint narcotic safes with biometric technology have over traditional narcotic lock-safes is that there are no keys required. This means that keys don't have to be endlessly tracked or signed in and signed out, saving you both time and stress. Without the need for keys, there is nothing to lose. No longer do locks have to be recalibrated or keyed when someone accidentally misplaces that ever-elusive key. In the event that a staff member permanently leaves the facility, their electronic fingerprint can be replaced and deleted from the system; saving you money and helping you avoid the costly replacement of equipment. Fingerprint narcotic safes even have a reader system that allows a certain number of fingerprints to be digitally stored. 


One of the major advantages to a fingerprint narcotic safe, also known as biometric security, is that it is uniquely individualized to each user. Since fingerprints are completely unique, there is no chance that the wrong individual can access the safe and the narcotics contained inside. This provides immediate access to the specific individuals that are coded to use the safe while simply preventing anyone else from opening it.


A fingerprint narcotic safe will also have the same additional security features as a keyed or coded narcotic safe. These features include steel construction that is resistant to water and fire damage as well as provides additional protection from damage or attempts to break into the safe.


Hinges are designed to be hidden or tamper-proof, securing the safe completely from unwanted access. Some of the smaller types of fingerprint narcotic safes can be easily transported from location to location, and is convenient for first responders and mobile health care service providers. These smaller safes can even hold multiple types of pill bottles and samples, perfect for storing travel size items and emergency medical supply bags.


As with most types of security devices there is always a backup key system that can be used in the event of a malfunction of the biometric reader. All though such occurences are extremely rare, the additional backup key is there just in case, so you’ll always have peace of mind. The reader itself is battery operated, and easy to change as needed. Changing the batteries is as simple as removing a panel and replacing the old AA batteries with the new ones.