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Hospital Medical Stretcher - When Seconds Count

Hydraulic Stretcher 32in W x 76in L

Item# 089GEN
Retail Price: $3,289.69
Your Price: $3,085.73

This bariatric hydraulic stretcher features all surface carpet casters.

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MRI General Transport Stretcher

Item# MRI0001GEND
Retail Price: $2,565.00
Your Price: $2,343.13

This transport stretchermade out of non-magnetic stainless steel and is des ...

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Electric Transport Lift Stretcher

Item# E0001LPNKM
Retail Price: $7,884.50
Your Price: $6,794.67

This versatilepatient liftstretcher is power assisted, and features a keypa ...

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Every medical facility understands the vital importance that medical stretchers have in the healthcare profession.  No matter what your patient transportation needs may be, there is a medical stretcher in our inventory that will suit the needs of your facility and the needs of your patients. 

Medical stretchers have been used as transport devices since antiquity.  They served the same purpose then as they do now: to expedite the safe and secure movement of casualties and injured people from one place to another.  Before the modern stretcher was innovated, stretchers were nothing more than a basic litter and in some cases, they’re still referred to by that name.  Though there is no historical record as to when the stretcher came into use, it is evidenced that stretchers were used in battlefields and emergency situations, such as fires and natural disasters, where rough terrain inhibited the transport of casualties by wheeled vehicles.  They have always been used to protect the wounded from further injury during transportation and to ease the load-bearing burden on the people carrying the wounded to a relief area.  Without the use of a stretcher or litter, people had no other option than to carry the wounded themselves or load them onto a beast of burden.


The modern medical stretcher has wheels, making the transport of patients much easier, regardless of the environment.  The stretchers in use today are basically a type of hospital gurney, or a narrow bed, on a wheeled metal frame that is usually adjustable in height.  Most models are typically collapsible as well.  They may also have straps or tie-downs that are used to secure the patient to the stretcher in an attempt to prevent the patient from moving and aggravating any injuries.  The key value of the stretcher is to prevent further injury and facilitate safe movement of the patient onto a fixed hospital bed or examination table in the surgical ward, emergency room, labor and delivery, or wherever the patient needs to go.  In fact, without the use of a dependable medical stretcher, the potential for injury to both patient and caregiver is dynamically increased during patient transport.  Every stretcher in our inventory is built to the strictest standards in the industry, incorporating steel construction, superior welding, and designs that combine sturdiness, ease of motion, as well as comfort for the patient.


Though medical stretchers are irreplaceable items of medical equipment, there are other modes of transport equipment to consider. Additional options include:




Transport Stretcher

Item# M911NKM
Retail Price: $3,372.25
Your Price: $2,919.67

This fixed height transport stretcher is a cost effective unit for clinical ...

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Manual Patient Lift Stretcher

Item# M0001LPNKM
Retail Price: $5,227.20
Your Price: $4,055.04

This versatile patient lift uses a cranking system to smoothlytransport the ...

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Hydraulic Stretcher

Item# 0008KNNKM
Retail Price: $5,362.50
Your Price: $4,602.89

This stretcher features side railsand height adjustment, as well as a weigh ...

in stock Unit: single
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