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Portable Treatment Tables For Sports Medicine

Team doctors, sports medicine professionals and trainers all need to consider how they are going to provide immediate medical attention in sometimes very challenging conditions. Having standard medical equipment on the sidelines or the field house may not make sense, but using portable treatment tables certainly does. These lightweight and very durable options to traditional treatment tables are well worth the cost and will ensure that you can complete the examination just as you would be able to back in the comfort of your own treatment room or office.

For a basic model of portable treatment table it is important to consider the same standard features as you would with a deluxe type of model, you will just not have all the additional options. In general all portable treatment tables should be designed to be very durable, including stability for adults getting on and off the table. Keep in mind they will sometimes in a hurry meaning that stability is critical. The tables need to have support braces as well as a durable yet lightweight type of frame. Most portable treatment tables are designed for outdoor use so they are constructed of lightweight aluminum which is very strong but also highly resistant to any type of rust or corrosion. This means you don't have to have the table completely under cover or out the elements which is ideal for sporting events, outdoor festival medical centers and other types of community or team activities.


Water resistant upholstery or covering that is also resistant to punctures, tearing and heat or cold is another key feature to consider. One of the options for upholstery includes marine-grade polymer that will stay tight, waterproof and highly resistant to tearing for years of rugged use. The deluxe models often have padded headrests and top sections and again these will be durable vinyl or other similar materials that can take a beating and still stay in great shape.

The feet of the portable treatment table are also essential to consider. Some models offer a bar type foot of the table that resists sinking into soft dirt or mud because the weight is distributed over the entire width of the table and on three separate sets of legs. Other models offer oversize saucer type feet that also distribute the weight and prevent the legs from sinking into the soil or ground surface. This is particularly important if you are treating athletes on the field area or if your set up is on softer soil. Remember that the athletes or individuals will add additional weight to the table which can potentially drive it into the ground if you don't choose the right type of leg and foot style.

Portable treatment tables are designed to be very lightweight and fold into manageable shapes and sizes. Most will weight in at under 35 pounds with lighter options of under 30 pounds possible. Keep in mind that the more features that the table offers, including adjustable headrests or extra legs and bracing will add a slight amount of weight, but still keep the portable table easy to carry, put up and take down.