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Rolling Laundry Carts Make Housekeeping Easy

Cleaning and changing linens in the hospital, nursing home or clinical setting is an important job and one that can take up a considerable amount of time. Having the best possible rolling laundry carts that are durable, ergonomically designed and also practical is essential. Using rolling laundry carts will not only speed up daily housekeeping activities but it will also help keep the environment clean and professional looking for staff, patients and visitors.


Rolling laundry carts come in a variety of styles and types. General utility carts may have a basket or section that also doubles for laundry. These general utility combination rolling laundry carts are great for smaller units, wards or areas where staff can carry fresh linens as well as laundry and other cleaning essentials with one easy trip through. These types of carts are often constructed of PVC lightweight durable tubing or with chrome plated metal. Aluminum is another popular choice for rolling laundry carts since it is very strong, easy to maintain and very lightweight.

Cage style rolling laundry carts offer the greatest options for changing the carrying capacity of each particular part or section of the cart. Many of these carts are metal with a chrome finish that is very easy to clean and sterilize plus it stays looking new for years with almost no maintenance required. Typically these types of rolling laundry carts will provide easy access to the different compartments from the back, sides and front, making removing and placing inserts for soiled linen very simple.


Mesh style baskets or compartments on rolling laundry carts are ideal for inserting disposable soiled linen bags. These bags or inserts can be either low or high density and will conform to standard rolling laundry cart compartments. They should clearly have the words "soiled linens" imprinted on the sides of the bags for easy identification. Many companies now offer the warning text in both English and Spanish for a perfectly clear message.


Durable plastic and PVC tubing style of laundry carts are very lightweight and can be either fully covered or partially enclosed. There is always the option with these types of rolling laundry carts to adjust or remove shelves to suit the particular items that will be required to be moved using the cart. One unique aspect to the plastic carts or PVC carts is that they come with either vinyl or mesh types of covers in a wide range of different colors. This can be a great way to make these carts much less institutional looking while still keeping them lightweight, practical and very efficient.


The handles of many of the best models of rolling laundry carts are designed for easy gripping and maneuvering of the carts. Often these handles are along the upper corners and slightly down the frame, meaning that the force is directed right above the wheels for maximum movement with minimum pushing required. Lightweight, durable, non-marking and skidding castors complete the cart and ensure that the cart will be easy to move both in interior as well as exterior surfaces.


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