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Tips For Choosing A Mobile Hand Washing Station

Choosing a mobile hand washing station takes a bit of time and consideration, when deciding which specific needs you will have for this important piece of equipment. After all, you want the style that you select to be practical for the specific use and perhaps even appropriate for multiple types of uses. One of the benefits to a mobile hand washing station is that it can be easily moved between venues, adding to its versatility and practicality.

One of the first and most important considerations for a mobile hand washing station is the group of people that will be using the station. Things to consider include the age, height, and even the number of people that may need access to water at the same time. Most cabinets will be approximately 34 to 38 inches in height, perfect for an adult. However, for specialized uses there are different heights of cabinets. A mobile hand washing station for kids is often about 28 inches in total height, perfect for little people to comfortably reach the sink. Both adult and child sized cabinets can also have a matching step that allows those that are a bit shorter to easily reach the water.


Choosing the cabinet style is another major consideration. There are options for custom cabinets and designs for mobile hand washing stations for specific tasks. There are also choices with the top, either laminate or stainless steel, as well as the cabinet color. These can include specialized drawers, storage area and even counter tops to meet any requirements you may have.  This is perfect if you want to have a mobile system for a tradeshow feature, in an outdoor kitchen area, in your shop or on the workroom floor or for any other different reason.


Standard cabinets also offer a wide variety of different options for your mobile hand washing station. Additional countertop space with storage below, different sizes of designs as well as different basins make a huge range of possible combinations possible. You can also choose a range of different accessories based on your needs. One great option to consider is an infrared sensor on the faucet that allows it to automatically turn on and off without physical contact. This will provide hands-free use of the faucet, a real benefit when hands are dirty, greasy or contaminated. Another very popular accessory to a standard or custom cabinet is a disposable glove box holder. These are mounted to the cabinet in the desired position ensuring that gloves can quickly be pulled from the box without the need to two hands. 


The sink style is also important in a mobile hand washing station. Standard sinks, deep sinks and double or triple basins are all available options. Each can be specified to be the perfect match for your needs, depending on the typical use of the sink. Larger workplaces, schools and busy homes may find that a double or triple basin option is a great choice since more than one individual can have access to water and the sink at the same time. When dealing with smaller facilities or for individual use, a single basin portable sink may be more appropriate than a multi-basin option.