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Finding Pediatric Scale Tables For Your Scale Rooms

Pediatric Dalmatian Fire Truck Treatment Table

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This dalmatianfiretruckthemed pediatric examination table features 4-door s ...

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Pediatric Treatment Table

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This pediatric table is finished in child friendly decorative laminate colo ...

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Safari Pediatric Treatment Table

Item# 0497CLT
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This pediatric treatment table features a safaritheme that will be sure to ...

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Working with very small infants requires specialized equipment to get accurate measurements and readings. One very important piece of equipment in a pediatric office is a pediatric scale table. This unique piece of equipment needs to be comfortable for the doctor, nurse or staff to work at, while still providing security for the infant while body weight and measurements are being completed.


Depending on your office décor and style you may wish to go with very unique kid themed pediatric scale tables or you may wish to stick with the more traditional options for additional storage space. Child friendly pediatric scale tables come in a variety of themes from a school bus design to a buggy design or even a fire truck design. These colorfully decorate pediatric scale tables are still very functional with three sides that are surrounded by a protective ledge that has beveled edges to prevent any possible injury when the infant is being moved to or from the pediatric scale table. Other safety features include a removable central pad for easy cleaning, built in paper dispenser for ease is covering the surface area between patients as well as standard 36 inch height to assure that the adults are in a comfortable position to work with the infant. A recessed area for the feet means that the doctor, parent or staff member can stand right up to the table in comfort, allowing correcting positioning all the time. In addition many of the styles also have matching scale tables and other office furniture and accessories to really make your examination rooms somewhere that children and their parents enjoy spending time.


For some examination rooms a more practical yet just as colorful option may be to use standard pediatric scale tables with bright colors on the cupboards, laminate and upholstery. Like the themed pediatric scale tables these standard tables use a digital read out scale that can be set to measure in kilograms or pounds and ounces and measures up to 40 pounds. Most of the scales are operated by batteries and will auto calibrate at each start up for the highest degree of accuracy, no matter how often or how rarely they are used. In addition typically the pediatric scale tables will also have a built in infantometer, which allows easy and accurate measurements of length and height as the child grows.


Extra storage space under either the child themed or the standard types of pediatric scale tables can be a great place to store additional medical equipment, blankets or other necessary supplies. Some options in the storage space include adjustable shelves, open storage areas and even sliding drawers, perfect for smaller items. With most pediatric scale tables the drawers and cabinet style doors can also be equipped with keyed locks for maximum security and safety.


Pediatric scale tables really do add to the theme of your office, even if you decide to stay with a more conservative design. Checking the additional features is important to ensure the pediatric scale tables you are looking at are just what you require.


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Cool Pals Pediatric Exam Table

Item# 1-1397CLT
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Cool pals themed pediatric examination table.

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Wild West Pediatric Treatment Table

Item# 1-3497CLT
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Wild westthemed pediatric examination table.

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Dalmatian Treatment Table

Item# 4094HSM
Retail Price: $629.59
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This pediatric treatment table is designed with wood that has no added urea ...

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