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Commercial Food Warmers: Breakfast in Bed Anyone?

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If you're in charge of feeding a large number of people, you already know how difficult it is to keep everyone happy.  Whenever you get a complaint about the food temperature, it can cause your entire shift to fall behind.  Instead of worrying about how you will serve all of the patients you need to serve, you need some help – and there's where commercial food warmers can come to your aid.  By being able to hold a number of meals all at once and keeping them at a healthy and comfortable temperature, everyone can be satisfied.


Watching Your Inventory:


As you are cooking in the kitchen, a commercial food warmer can help you keep track of what you still need to cook and what you already have done.  Many commercial food warmers actually have two sections which allow you to both proof and to store your finished breads at the same time.  This is going to save you time and effort in the long run, while also helping you manage your schedule as you assess your needs.  If you're in charge of a kitchen crew, you can easily view the baking and cooking process through the clear doors or smaller warmers can be easily opened for inspection. 


Moving the Food to the People Who Need It:


Whether you are making food for the cafeteria or for the floors, commercial food warmers can help you manage your needs.  Some styles have casters on the bottom to help you maneuver the warmer from floor to floor with ease.  Other warmers may need to stay in place, however.  You can also have a variety of sizes of commercial food warmers to help you manage different populations or to keep special dietary needs in mind.  For example, those with restrictions or allergies might need to have a separate warmer where their food is kept.


Safety is Important:


Just as with any food preparation situation, a commercial food warmer includes a thermometer that you can easily read to see that foods are being kept at the right temperatures.  With the potential for 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the commercial food warmer will maintain a healthy temperature for a variety of foods from meats to dairy, as well as other food groups.  In doing so, you can be certain that every person that receives an item from these warmers is going to be eating safe dishes.


In addition, the side to side air flow pattern allows the foods inside to stay evenly warmed and heated, while any condensation is collected in a tray where it won't hit the ground and cause a potential fall or slip for another worker or a patient.


When you purchase a commercial food warmer, your needs are greater than the average homeowner.  You have a hospital to service and that special population requires special equipment.  These commercial food warmers are available in small, medium, and large sizes, depending on your needs and on the dishes you wish to prepare.


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