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Tabletop Warming Unit

Tabletop Warming Unit

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Bringing meals to the hospital cafeteria is just one of the tasks of the kitchen in a medical facility. There is another side, often unseen and poorly understood by many. That is the catering of meals, via food delivery carts to the patients. Many who have had overnight hospital stays in the past have given bad reviews of the food served. They complained about cold or lukewarm meals that tasted bland and were in too small of portions, but many fail to keep in mind that as hospital patients, these reviews were not likely to give a favorable view of anything. Today, there is no excuse for patients receiving off temperature meals from the food delivery carts. In fact, not only is it an inconvenience to their taste buds, but it is also a danger to those with weakened immune systems.


A hospital's task is to help those who come on the road to healing. In many cases, this will require that the patient must stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. While they are there, their daily human needs do not change. They still need to sleep, eat, and drink. The hospital's kitchen will take care of the latter two. All meals for those confined to their rooms will be prepared in the kitchen and loaded onto food delivery carts to take to the wards. There are certain qualities of these carts which will help them to fulfill their role in the most efficient manner possible.


One of the aspects you should look for in food delivery carts are those which are durable and stable. This means that you ought to require stainless steel with reinforced edges and or corners. Stainless steel is a material which will not rust and is guaranteed to last for many years of use. It is also very easy to clean and sterilize since it is non-porous. Any surface that comes in contact with food or eating utensils must be able to be sterilized. This is to prevent cross contamination from bacteria which might be picked up. Since these carts are destined to be wheeled throughout the hospital, you should look for heavy duty casters of at least four inches across, depending upon the overall size of the food delivery cart. Large wheels make these mobile units more easily maneuvered through the halls and corridors.


In route to the wards, the food delivery carts must keep the food at a constant temperature. If air from the inside of a heated cabinets is lost from a leaky door closure or poor insulation, the internal temperature of the food could quickly reach the “danger zone”. This is between 40 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. In this range, bacteria multiply rapidly, increasing the chances of triggering a potentially fatal food born illness in weakened patients. Magnetic gasket seals on the doors, side to side air flow and an easy to read external thermometer are all features which can prevent heat loss from a cart. Your food delivery carts need to be able to perform their jobs well, and by purchasing quality carts which are built to last, you can be assured of their reliability and the patient's safety.


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