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The Pros and Cons of Disposable Pillow Cases

Draping Sheets 40 x 90

Draping Sheets 40 x 90

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King Size Vinyl Pillow Covers  21in x 37in

King Size Vinyl Pillow Covers 21in x 37in

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White Contour Sheets 36in x 80in

White Contour Sheets 36in x 80in

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There are many ways the hospital administrators, clinical staff and those responsible for ordering supplies can
make their facility more efficient and cost saving. One option for busy areas of a hospital or clinic to help to save costs is to use disposable types of linens, including disposable pillow cases or covers. These can be used in conjunction with disposable sheets and blankets or can be an ideal stand alone type of supply for use on examination tables where all that will be needed is a draping sheet.

Disposable pillow cases come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate any size of pillow from a king, at 21 by 37 inches, through to a standard sized 20 by 29 inch pillow or a queen sized 21 by 20 inch pillow. Having a variety of different sizes of pillow cases on hand means that pillows in patient rooms, emergency rooms or clinical offices can all be safely protected and provides the most sanitary options for multiple patient rooms. It is important that these pillow cases completely cover the pillow to provide the most comprehensive protection against contamination of the pillow itself.


There are disposable pillow cases that are designed specifically for protection against spills and fluid transfer. These may be listed as fluid-resistant pillow covers or spill resistant and they can be a variety of colors from white to blue. The color choice is not important but using a blue or white can add a bit of color and take away the completely sterile look that is so common in patient rooms.


One very important benefit to disposable pillow cases is that they are designed to be highly breathable. This means that they will provide optimum patient comfort and will absorb moisture from the skin, keeping the surface area cooler and dry for the patient. Since they are completely disposable there is no need to worry about laundering and caring for the case, once it is used it is easily disposed of with other materials such as draping and disposable sheets.


Without the need for laundering and maintenance there is a definite cost saving, especially in emergency rooms and clinical settings where bedding may be exposed to lots of different types of fluids and spills. Staff can quickly and easily remove the used pillow cases and put on new ones without the need to wait for laundry staff or to worry about cross contamination. These pillow cases are usually sold in cases of 100 which can easily be stored in supply rooms or broken down into smaller numbers and stored in patient rooms or examination rooms.


While very strong and durable, these disposable pillow cases are made of material that can rip or tear, which is not typically seen in fabric types of pillow covers. For patient care in long term facilities the cost of disposable pillow cases may be cost prohibitive, especially if the pillow cases are not used in emergency or surgical types of settings. Deciding if standard or disposable pillow cases are the best option is a function of use types, patient numbers and the size of the medical or patient care facility.