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Utility Carts: Transportation Tools of Hospital Operations

Three Shelf Utility Cart

Item# XB-24EHLUX
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This utility cart with three shelves is constructed with quiet easy-rolling ...

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Heavy Duty Utility Cart w/ 3 Shelves

Item# XB-112CTSLUX
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This utility cart will facilitate transporting items throughout your facili ...

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Heavy Duty Utility Cart w/ 2 Shelves

Item# X-B12CTLUX
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This utility cart is designed with a bottom tub shelf and a top flat shelf.

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A hospital's kitchen is one of the busiest areas never seen by patients or visitors but greatly affects them all. The need for reliable utility carts and other food service equipment is vital to the efficient functioning of the kitchen. Unless the kitchen acts as a well-oiled machine, not only does the cafeteria go unserviced, but the patients are not fed or given meals at the wrong times. This could lead to serious consequences for patients who must take their medications with food at prescribed times. All medicine is critical to the health and well-being of those who take it. People who are expecting lunch will become grumpy or irate if neglected. That is why having an efficient kitchen with reliable equipment such as utility carts will help to keep the patients happy and healthy.


There are several uses in a hospital's kitchen and cafeteria for utility carts. They might be used for storage in a walk-in freezer or refrigerator, or for the carting of food to the dining area or dirty trays to the dish washing area. Moving from these extremes of the cold of the freezer to room temperature in the cafeteria to the heat and humidity of the washing area requires that the carts must be durable and rust-proof. You will want to look for stainless steel for the material of your carts to meet these needs. The edges and or corners of the carts should be reinforced to ensure stability and longevity.


When looking for utility carts require that they must be easy to maneuver no matter where their destination. There are many obstacles in the kitchen, cafeteria, and on the wards. The carts must be able to deftly dodge these without tipping or dropping anything from its shelves. A lip around the edges of the shelves will help to prevent spilled trays. For optimal maneuverability and stability, look for large casters of at least four inches, depending upon the size of the carts. Large, heavy duty casters will be able to support whatever is placed on the shelving, no matter how heavy. One of the parts of the carts which wears down the quickest are the wheels, that is why finding large, heavy casters is important to contributing to the longevity of the carts.


Your utility carts should be easy to clean and disinfect. This is a requirement for any surface which might come in contact with food. Stainless steel again fills the bill for sterility. The kitchen is on the front lines in the battle against food born illnesses in the hospital. Especially in light of the fact that perhaps more than half of those you will be serving from the kitchen are patients, the cleanliness of all surfaces is imperative. Many patients in the hospital have compromised immune systems. While some surface bacteria might only give a healthy person a stomach ache, for an ill patient, it could lead to a potentially fatal case of food poisoning. Bleach and other disinfectants will be the best friends to your utility carts.


To create an optimal service environment which can effectively cater to all, you will need reliable, long-lived utility carts in addition to all of your other required food service equipment.


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Stainless Steel Mobile Table

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Heavy Duty 4 Shelf Cart

Item# 167LKE
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