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Brighten Up The Room With Over Bed Hospital Lights

Lighting in a hospital room is important for several reasons. The physician needs an adequate amount of light to be able to see clearly in working with the patient, plus the patient needs enough light to be able to be comfortable in the room. This means the light has to be bright enough to allow reading and fine work, but not glaring or uncomfortable for the patient. This is especially important in recovery rooms, intensive care areas and patient wards where movement may be challenging for some individuals. Even within examination rooms standard over bed hospital lights are essential for the patient, physician and medical staff.


Traditional over bed hospital lights come in standard three or four foot lengths, depending on the size of the room or patient area as well as any natural light sourced. Typically both lengths of over bed hospital lights will have an option for either two or four lamps or lights within each fixture. While two lamps are suitable for most rooms, for extra brightness the four lamp options are ideal. With four lamp fixtures even if one lamp is not functioning there is still more than adequate light, while with two lamp fixtures it is important to replace the lamp immediately to maintain light quality in the room.


Most of the traditional styles of over bed hospital lights are made of anodized aluminum to provide very durable, attractive and lightweight fixtures. The corners are molded to present gentle lines, plus they also direct the light down over the patient area rather than out towards the center of the room. Three way pull chains allow the patient, nurse or doctor to simply and easily adjust the light to both over and under the fixture, both directions or to an off position. Overhead lights supplement the light provided by the over bed hospital lights to create the total room brightness.


Modern styles of over bed hospital lights add a unique touch of design to the room. They are designed similar to the traditional styles in that they may come in either two, three light models, with the option to turn the upper, lower or all lights on with the pull of a three way chain attached to a control switch. These over bed hospital lights are designed with a slope to the top surface of the light to prevent the light from becoming a storage space for cards and other patient possessions. Since this can be a real fire hazard this is an outstanding safety feature.


Matching the type of over bed hospital lights to the room and space is important, but so is the way that the lights can be cleaned and the lamps changed with a minimum of fuss and bother. The newer styles of over bed hospital lights all have easy to remove lenses and front panels or covers, typically no tools are required to change out the lamps themselves. Generally most over bed hospital lights will use a standard T8 lamp for replacement, meaning that even with different styles of over bed hospital lights the same replacement lamps will work.